Alberto Sordi’s Rome mansion to become a museum.

Alberto Sordi was one of Italy’s greatest actors and comedians, many of whose iconic roles have passed into posterity as testimony to the problems and conquests of postwar Italy and, even more particularly, as commentaries on the character of 20th century Romans. Sordi,, who never married and had no children, died in 2003 at the […]

As Giubileo looms, Rome trying to get ready

With only three months to go before the onset of a special Roman Catholic Jubilee of Holy Year, the city of Rome appears (the appropriate word is “appears”) to be rushing to finalize plans to help deal with the traffic problems that inevitably will ensue from the expected arrival of an estimated 25 to 33 […]

If it weren’t so serious, it would be downright funny. Here we are in the Italian capital – the  capital!!!!  – and somehow the family of a deceased criminal is allowed to hold a mega-funeral in the Italian capital, blocking streets and causing public transport in the eastern Romanina neighborhood to be re-routed, with a […]

Roman numerals to go? Let’s not exaggerate

The Rome city government last week reportedly decided to conform to a 2014 decision by the Italian Statistics Agency (ISTAT) that all street signs in the country have to be written in the same way and, in particular, without using Roman numerals. Hence a lead story in the Rome section of the Messaggero newspaper saying […]

Romans dissatisfied with the quality of their life

Romans are not happy with their city’s services, according to a recent poll, 2000 interviews carried out among as many inhabitants of Rome between March and April of this year, and they are far more critical than they were a year ago. The respondents were asked to use a scale of from one to ten […]

Italians behaving badly. Influx of immigrants bringing out the worst in some people.

Okay, so the residents of Casale San Nicola on the north side of Rome, between La Storta and Olgiata (if I’ve got it right) are worried. Some 250 families in an area that according to press reports  has it’s own problems, fear that housing some 100  immigrants and refugees (mostly black you can bet) in a former school […]

Has Rome’s mayor won at least one battle? Tomorrow will tell.

A Rome administrative court, the TAR, this week ruled that the city of Rome is within its rights to ask licensed peddlers to move their trucks and stands away from the Eternal City’s archeological monuments by this Friday, July 10. The camion-bar – small refreshment trucks− and souvenir stands have continued to set up shop […]

Lucrezia Borgia: an icon of style of the Renaissance.

This event (July 26) on the grounds of the Castello Orsini in Vasanello (Lazio) promises to be as delightful as the others organized by Patricia Brennan and her InConnection associazione culturale (   Elisabetta Gnignera, well-known expert on Renaissance headdresses will be speaking followed by dinner all fresco.  Last Sunday it was delightful baroque music by Evangelina […]

Is Fiumicino Airport at Risk? Report shows inappropriate building materials may have been used.

Three months ago, Terminal 3 of Rome’s Leonardo da Vinci airport (aka Fiumicino) suffered serious damages when faulty electrical connections caused a raging fire to break out and burn throughout the night. The repercussions have created significant organization problems for the terminal, which handles a huge chunk of international traffic (although not that going to […]

Fallout from May fire putting Fiumicino traffic – and Italian tourism − at risk.

After ongoing uncertainties about possible health problems caused by a severe fire at Terminal 3 in May, the Italian Civil Aviation Board (ENAC) has decided to reduce air traffic at Fiumicino airport by 40% for the foreseeable future. Coming just as the tourist season is moving into high gear, visitors can expect significant check-in delays […]