Italians behaving badly. Influx of immigrants bringing out the worst in some people.

Okay, so the residents of Casale San Nicola on the north side of Rome, between La Storta and Olgiata (if I’ve got it right) are worried. Some 250 families in an area that according to press reports  has it’s own problems, fear that housing some 100  immigrants and refugees (mostly black you can bet) in a former school is going to create problems of security and probably turn their area into a slum. Backed by a far right organization called Casapound (after Ezra Pound), several dozen residents formed a roadblock in an attempt (vain) to keep the immigrants from entering their new, hopefully temporary, home, scuffling with police and shouting slogans and obscenities. Italy is currently in a difficult situation with regard to all the immigrants that they have rescued from drowning and allowed into the country, probably incautiously and in the process finding itself with thousands of displaced persons they now don’t know what to do with (actually, a lot of other Italians are making money off the plight of these refugees, but that’s another story).  But what the residents of Casale San Nicola did today was not at all a pretty sight. They should be embarrassed.  See video.

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