The end of an era. A sad goodbye.

When I first moved into Piazza S. Egidio 14, years and years ago, the storefront downstairs was an old coffee-bar and a latteria, that is, a place where you could get fresh milk every day that was run by a slow-moving, grey-haired man named Umberto. It then became a more chic establishment named Il Mago […]

Say it in Italian, please

Italians (with the exception of Mussolini, perhaps) have never been chauvinists. Unlike the French, they have never tried to ban the use of foreign words, forcing people to call ordinataire what almost the entire world knows as a computer. But, says a small group of purists here, enough is enough. And they are right. Using […]

New Rome bus tickets now on sale

Starting March 1, the Italian transport company, ATAC, is making available three new types of city public transport tickets, those lasting 24, 48 and 72 hours. The usual BIT ticket (€1.5) that is valid for 100 minutes and the CIS (valid until midnight of the seventh day after being stamped has now been joined by […]