New Rome bus tickets now on sale

RomebusStarting March 1, the Italian transport company, ATAC, is making available three new types of city public transport tickets, those lasting 24, 48 and 72 hours.

The usual BIT ticket (€1.5) that is valid for 100 minutes and the CIS (valid until midnight of the seventh day after being stamped has now been joined by Roma 24h (€7), Roma 48h (€12.50) e Roma 72h (€18). They can be purchased at all the regular sales points (including tabaccherie and newsstands and the growing number of automatic ticket dispenser machines.

The tickets are good for all buses, metros, trams and regional trains including those going to Ostia and Viterbo. Old three-day tickets, if already purchased, can be used throughout April 30 or exchanged at an ATAC office through June 1.


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