People in glass houses….

This morning one of my favorite Roman sites (06blog) carried a complaining article about bad-mannered foreigners who do shocking things such as wetting their feet in a fountain gracing a museum. I, myself, wouldn’t do such a thing. After all, these are not swimming pools. But I found it rather ironic that anyone in a […]

The wettest summer in 35 years

Finally, a real summer day and I am heading off to the beach. This summer, these unblemished sunny days have been a relative rarity at least in Rome and much of northern Italy. The fact is that this has been just about the wettest summer for 35 years with an understandably negative effect both on […]

Donor insemination to come (finally) to Italy

Childless Italian couples will soon be able to use donor sperm for insemination. The new law will be passed in deference to  a ruling last year by Italy’s Constitutional Court that declared a previous law banning assisted fertilization unconstitutional. The Italian health minister, Beatrice Lorenzin said earlier this month that by the end of the […]