Birthday celebrations include 3D show in Roman Forum

On the 21st of April, Rome celebrated it’s 2,767th birthday, but this summer will mark another major landmark in Roman history, the 2000th anniversary of the death ofthe Emperor Augustu who died at the age of 56 s on August 19th, 14 A.D. It is a 40 minute 3D sound and light show designed to called the […]

Rome celebrates its 2,767th birthday

April 21st was Rome’s 2,767th birthday and Roman legionaires carrying imperial shields, gladiators, vestal virgins, and Roman matrons were on hand to celebrate the legendary founding of the Eternal City by twin brothers Romulus and Remus.The event involving some 1,800 actors and included several battle reconstructions. Romulus is believed to have been he first king of Rome, […]

Bizarre embryo mix-up at Rome hospital

And now what? Are the parents of twins whose embryos have been implanted in another woman with a similar last name going to feel any better now that several staff members at Rome’s Sandro Pertini hospital are under investigation? An in vitro procedure appears to have gone awry at some point along the way: when […]

Ostia Antica; still a lot to discover

Ostia Antica, the ancient seaport town that is next only to Pompeii in its impressive state of preservation, is apparently much bigger than was originally thought, Roman and British archeologists said recently. A second part of the ancient Roman port has been unearthed indicating that in the first century B.C., the city of Ostia was […]

Illegal peddlers; unchecked they are a blight on the Eternal CIty.

As Rome gears up for the hordes of pilgrims and tourists who have arrived here for both the Easter holiday and then the double canonization on April 27 of former popes John XXIII and John Paul II, there was more to deal with than just simple logistics. The city’s illegal thousands of illegal peddlers all […]

Gelato festival comes to Rome on May 29

Everybody (or so it seems) loves gelato. And the most pro-active gelato-lovers also like tasting a lot of the stuff in different gelaterie. A taster’s dream, therefore, will be the fourth edition of the Gelato Festival, which allows visitors to taste a variety of felato flavors and cocktails without having to spend much money. It will be […]