Birthday celebrations include 3D show in Roman Forum

Roma: Marino, questa sera rivivono i Fori di 2000 anni faOn the 21st of April, Rome celebrated it’s 2,767th birthday, but this summer will mark another major landmark in Roman history, the 2000th anniversary of the death ofthe Emperor Augustu who died at the age of 56 s on August 19th, 14 A.D. It is a 40 minute 3D sound and light show designed to called the Forum of Augustus, A Journey Through History, which opened on April 21 and continues until September 18. The brainchild of Italy’s celebrated veteran TV science journalist and writer, Piero Angela, and Italian physicist Paco Lanciano, and uses projectors casting images of ancient structures onto the marble and stone walls which are still standing in the Forum to create the illusion of actually being there as it was back then. Narration(through headpones) is provided in six languages in six languages: Italian, English, French, Russian, Spanish and Japanese. One highlight of the presentation is the ancient temple dedicated to Mars the Avenger, constructed by Augustus to honor the memory of his great-uncle Julius Caesar following his assassination in 42 BC. Images will recreate this temple that stood as tall as a nine-story building and dominated the Forum. Historians tell us that nearby there was an enormous statue of Augustus himself, which likely soared 12 meters high, although only a small part remains. Tickets can be bought by calling 060608 and booking with a credit card. There are three performances every night at 9, 10, and 11 p.m. It should be noted that Piero Angela is also the creator of the very interesting sound and light show Roman Domus show at the nearby Palazzo Valentini.

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