Romans dissatisfied with the quality of their life

romegarbage Romans are not happy with their city’s services, according to a recent poll, 2000 interviews carried out among as many inhabitants of Rome between March and April of this year, and they are far more critical than they were a year ago. The respondents were asked to use a scale of from one to ten to answer questions. The overall vote was 5.24, the lowest since 2007. This means that a slight majority of the Eternal City’s inhabitants – 51.1% – are still satisfied with the quality of life here. But the number of those who last year described themselves as “very satisfied” has dropped by ten percent and the number of those who say they are “not at all satisfied” as grown by almost 20%

Here are some of the votes:

City surface transportation: 4.6 (42% of respondents said service had worsened.)

Subway transportation: 6

Taxi: 6.5

Garbage collection: 4.6 (with 45.8% saying service had declined and only 14,4% saying it had gotten better.

Street cleaning: 3.5.

Lighting: 5

In terms of social content, the results were a it more encouraging.

Parks and greenery: 6.4

Services and kindergartens: 6.7

Pharmacies: 7

Culture: 7.7 Most appreciated were the zoo, the Symphonic Hall, libraries and museums, with 20.3% of respondent saying cultural offerings had improved over the last two years.



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