Snack-truck and outfoor table wars are unending

camionbarAsk just about anyone (except for the owners of the snack-trucks featured in this article) and they will agree that the vans selling (mostly to tourists) sodas, water, hot dogs and sandwiches are eye-sores and have no business parking in places that block the view of this city’s beautiful ancient monuments. But so far the Rome municipality has had little luck in getting them to move and rumor has it that the administration of mayor Ignazio Marino is now thinking of using money as an incentive to get them to accept other locations, which is downright ridiculous seeing as a recent national decree law makes their presence illegal.

Actually, the current administration seems incapable to doing almost anything to better the appearance of this chaotic city. Countless restaurants and bars continue to ignore the regulations, and obligatory fees, about outdoor tables, so that in some streets pedestrians really find the going rough. Add to this the fact that the mayor continues to seem largely unconcerned about the thousands of illegal peddlers that clog some areas of the city and one has to ask oneself, what is he thinking?

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