New ruins found in Portuense area

Archeologia: terme e sepolcri emergono su via PortuenseOne of the reasons it is so hard to modernize Rome (the others are excess bureacracy, corruption, political deadlocks and plain old inefficiency) is because every time anyone digs below the surface, they come up with anicent ruins that are considered too important to ignore. During work being done on the Via Portuense leading out of Rome, archeologists have enearthed the remains of a staging post for ancient travlers complete with Roman baths for both women and men, graves, an altar, coins, combs, pieces of jewelry, perfum bottles and so forth.

This way station appears to have stood at the intersection of the Via Portuensis, which led to the seaport of Portus, near Ostia, and the Via Campana (heading south) and was a hub for important road trade inclouding imports of  oil, salt, grain and fabrics to be  brought into the capital of the Roman empire. Next week, from July 29 to 31, guided tours will be available at 10:15 in the morning. Call 0669615333 or write



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